Things to do in Rittenhouse Square

Looking for the best things to do in Rittenhouse Square? You have come to the right place! Rittenhouse Square is a place where you can dine, shop, stroll, and many more. It offers the best shopping and relaxation services and great nightlife. So, it is a perfect vacation destination for individuals, a group of friends, and families.

Here are the best things to do in Rittenhouse Square.

1. Please Touch Museum

It is perfect for kids. It has two floors of interactive exhibits such as a construction zone, a hospital, and a kid-size supermarket. Additionally, there are special exhibits. So, your kids will love and enjoy this museum.

2. Philadelphia Magic Gardens

It is located on South Street. It is a folk art gallery space. It spans three city lots. It has a bi-level outdoor sculpture garden and indoor galleries. And it has some of the most beautiful art and sculptures in Rittenhouse Square. You can visit the gardens at any time no matter the weather.

3. Academy of Natural Sciences

It is not far from the Franklin Institute. It is a perfect place for learning more about past creatures like dinosaurs and the present creatures. It holds special hands-on activities such as digging for fossils, which your kids will love doing. So, take your kids to dig for fossils.

4. Franklin Institute

Want your family to learn about cool medical and scientific advancements and space exploration? Take your family to Franklin Institute. Your family can also climb up in the giant heart. Franklin Institute offers plenty of hands-on exhibits and live shows.

5. Rittenhouse Square Park

Love hanging out in the park with your family? Take your family to the park in the center of Rittenhouse Square, which is a perfect place for doing some exercises, hanging out with your kids, and taking your dogs. It is also a perfect picnic spot, especially on weekends.

6. Rodin Museum

Take your family to the Rodin Museum to see all the work of Auguste Rodin, drawings and prints, bronze casts, and 124 sculptures.

7. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art is a mecca for artists. It has over 200 galleries of artifacts, painting, and architecture from different time periods and from all over the world. It also hosts special exhibits throughout the year. Museum tours allow you to experience the museum to the fullest.

8. The Mütter Museum

The Mütter Museum is a perfect museum for families that love cool medical specimens and science. The museum houses unique collections of models and medical instruments and anatomical specimens. And the museum offers interesting stories from the medical history that most people do not know.

9. 1 Tippling Place

Like fancy cocktails? You will love 1 Tippling Place, which is a craft cocktail bar and is located at 2006 Chestnut St. 1 Tippling Place is set in a stylish midcentury parlor.

10. Rumor

Rittenhouse Square offers a fun night of dancing. If you want to enjoy your night with your friends or loved ones, check out Rumor, which is a modern upscale nightclub. It has multiple dance floors and bars.

11. Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

It is the home of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Some of the premier performing arts groups in the world perform at Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. Therefore, you can attend a variety of performances at the Kimmel. You will enjoy musicals and concerts. You will never lack something entertaining at the Kimmel. It is located at 300 South Broad Street.

These are the best things to do in Rittenhouse Square. It is easy to find something entertaining, which you can do with your friends. If you want to hang out with your kids or friends, you will find a good park at Rittenhouse Square.

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