Countertop, Can you put countertop over countertop?

If your kitchen has been the same for years and you feel that you need new surfaces, it is not necessary to remove the existing one. You can put a countertop over the existing one, although the process does require specialized skills to become the vision you need it to be. It also requires the existing surface to be stable and strong enough to handle the materials that are going to be used for the new countertop. If you’re wondering how to put countertop over countertop, speak to a professional remodeling contractor to get the scope like at countertops san antonio.

Putting a new countertop over the old one can cover any scratches and burns that your previous countertop has gotten over the years. It is also a great way to change the outlook of the kitchen. One added advantage of doing this is that you can use any material you want and choose a texture that you feel is suitable for the new surface. Although there are diy kits that could enable you to do this instead of hiring a professional, it is always best to get a professional because of the benefits they offer.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Countertop Installation

Preventing Mistakes – If you hire a professional, you do not have to worry about any mistakes being made during the installation process. Installing a new countertop over an already existing one could be tricky because you need to make sure that there is no damage to the old countertop, as this could interfere with the new surface. A professional possesses the skills that ensure no mistakes are made and that the job is done efficiently. Trying to do the job yourself could result in mistakes that you will have to pay for, hence creating more expense for you.

Expertise – A professional knows how delicate putting a new countertop can be and their expertise comes in handy. If the job requires tasks such as cutting materials to fit the surface properly, laminating using sheets, or epoxy, a professional will be better suited to carry these out. Their skills are what is needed for the result to be neat and to look professional.

Proper Equipment – Even with the diy kits, there could be some tools missing that would give the surface a unique finish. A professional has access to the best equipment for the job. The professional will offer quality work and can meet all of your requirements. Additionally, if they are certified, they most likely offer guarantees. If there is a problem with the installation of the new countertop, you can have them re-do it at no extra cost.

What Material Can Be Used To Put Countertop On Countertop?

If you have a surface made from;


faux stone



Certain types of glass,

you can have a countertop over countertop project. The process will require the sanding of the old countertop. This is followed by filling in of any old chips or cracks on the existing surface. The filling is done to prevent the previous damage from appearing on the new surface. Once this is complete, there is an application of liquid epoxy to ensure the new surface is installed effectively. There are also bonding agents available that can be used to do the job.

If you decide to do the project yourself instead of getting a professional, you should check the diy kit to ascertain that the surfaces can be bound without becoming problematic. The whole project takes about three to four days to complete depending on the material being used. Whether you will need to vacate the home during this process depends on the chemicals being used for the job.